Monday, May 30, 2011

How are eBooks consumed?

Our class is moving towards creating an eBook, and I'm interested in what devices are most commonly used in consuming them. I am struggling to find any statistics on this, but here are the devices that can be used to read eBooks:

Android Tablets
Kobo Touch
Sony touch-screen

The price range for new, full-priced Kindles and Nooks ranges around $150 and iPads are significantly more expensive. The screen sizes range from 5 to 10 inches. I had never heard of the Kobo Touch or Sony touch-screen before, but apparently they're doing all right on the market, being purchased by more technologically-savvy individuals than myself...

Interestingly, the states rated highest in eBook consumption are Alaska, North Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, and Virginia. Perhaps these states, where populations are less centralized, rely more on the internet and less on physically shopping for books because they have less access to conveniently located bookstores. It's nice to know that our fellow Utahns are a potential audience for us, I guess...

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