Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Quest Continued: Google > Lib.byu.edu

Ah. How utterly unsurprising. Google has offered me a starting place and an avenue of research--and it only to a matter of seconds. Last month, an cultural center in Buenos Aires exhibited the work of one Alfredo Ghierra, who has done a series of ink drawings based on Borges' fictional works. The drawings are incredible! Here's one:

Unfortunately, most of the information on this artist is in Spanish, so I'm not even sure which short story this illustration is supposed to represent. (Curse you, "Document is too large for Google to translate" error.) But how cool that Google was even able to translate enough web pages from Spanish to English for me to figure our that this guy had an exhibition of this work last month!

Google, you have pwned BYU's online catalog. Which is part depressing and part cool. Now to try to contact someone who knows about this and perhaps also speaks English...

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