Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reliable Connections

As I work on Borges, I'm also trying to find other people out there who are interested in Borges in order to fulfill the "connect" part of our curriculum. At first, I thought I should look towards professionals: schoolteachers, professors, translators, etc. I still think that these are valuable sources of information. However, I have realized that there is a whole other branch of people out there interested in Borges.

I started by contacting the individual on goodreads who created the Borges interest group (yes, one does exist!!). This is a guy whose profile says he lives in India and whose profile picture makes me think of the main character from 10,000 BC. This is not someone I'd normally initiate contact with! I asked him if he knew of any good forums of discussion for Borges. He a) actually answered back and b) recommended a really cool website that has discussion forums where yes, people are talking about Borges online! I was shocked that this existed, because I have looked hard for that very thing without success. (Ahimaaz, if you are reading this, thank you!)

This website has interviews with Borgesian translators, quotes from those who were personally familiar with Borges, and recommendations of good film adaptations of Borges' work. What startled me was when I saw people leaving comments like, "This quote is delicious." That's a Rachaelism! I have found my own kind! They exist online and I have found them! What's amazing to me is that I didn't find them through a library or professional source. It was through a random guy on goodreads. My faith in the internet is restored...

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  1. That's awesome, Rachael! What a cool experience. You have inspired me to keep looking for something worthwhile! :)