Friday, May 6, 2011

Rainbows End's End

1) Good story, as far as futuristic techno-thrillers go.  Rainbows End has basic plotline, character development, interesting setting, etc. Basic story: check, check, check.

2) This genre is not my usual cup of herbal tea, but I think I learned a lot from stretching out onto a new literary limb. For one thing, I have changed my mind about sci-fi's sameness with the fantasy genre. While both have to come up with new and impossible things and names and settings, and while both are unrestricted by the limits of reality, I think that sci-fi is more of a commentary on the way the world is already and may become.

More to follow...


  1. haha love the "herbal" tea specification ;)

  2. Sci-Fi as a genre definitely always works best when it's a social commentary of some sort (i.e. Star Trek). Rainbows End was definitely shooting for that.